About Signature Specialists

Signature Specialists has been in business for almost 10 years. We deliver qualified customers to our clients. We have captured individual consumers with disposable income seeking products and services in the luxury, personal aesthetic and home improvement markets. Our model has also been effective for other segments including manufacturing.

Our strength is our community of consumers who share a similar demographic profile. This community has been growing exponentially. We have learned that this group of consumers can be sold a variety of services and goods at various times throughout the purchasing cycle, which is triggered by certain life events.

We capture information that allows us to target segments of our community as they enter various points of the cycle and match them to products that meet their needs. Timing is everything!

We support the key gates or hurdles in the sales cycle, including:
  • Targeting
  • Lead Generation
  • Pre-qualification
  • Close assist and sales transactions
  • Post-sales analysis and customer retention