SignatureForum Surveys

Surveys give you another opportunity to reach out to your customer and receive valuable feed back that will help you make more money.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates. Knowing what your customer thinks will help you target the sell.
  2. Operational Improvements. Evaluating staff performance and office ambience can lead to changes that will create a better buying atmosphere.
  3. More Referrals. Surveys pinpoint the happy customer and give you the opportunity to fix negative feedback. Satisfied customers tell their friends.

SignatureForum Surveys are the way to go!

  1. Measure Up. SignatureForum has developed a body of industry specific information. We can see trends and show you how others in the industry have used their surveys to improve.
  2. Honest Answers. Consumers are more candid with third party surveys.
  3. Internet Reviews—on nationally ranked forums. Counter all the negative comments on blogs with real customer's positive experiences.
  4. Expert Advice. SignatureForum offers knowledge and experience to assist you in using the data.

Real time examples:

A guest submitted a survey relaying that he was interested in having the procedure but needed a second opinion. With access to the survey information, the practice was able to follow up with the guest, overcome his concerns and close the sale for $3000.

Of the surveys one practice received in a six month period 83% responded that they were planning on having the procedure. Of those guests, only 20% had actually booked for their procedure, leaving the practice with $18,500 in unrealized profit. Without the surveys, the practice would not have known of the guests intentions. They can now follow up with those outstanding guests and take advantage of the "found revenue."

SignatureForum Surveys will increase your profitability by using the resources and customers you already have.